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Alive Expo 2008 in Atlanta

Oren Bar, PT participated in Alive Expo, a health and wellness event that took place in Atlanta on April 26-27 2008. He was only able to spend 10 minutes with each person and yet even in such a short time he managed to help many people with their pain.

What people had to say after just a 10 minute session:

"Oren Bar is amazing. His technique is fascinating. I was so surprised how different I felt after such a short and quick treatment!!" A.S.

"I have had back pain for two years and after 10 min. the pain was gone."

"Back pain + right little finger numb for past 13 months. 10 min, no back pain, full mobility + finger is awake AMAZING! I want to take you back to Florida with me! Thank you VERY, VERY, VERY much." B.B.

"OREN How do you do what you do!! Write a book, share yourself with the world, painless and grateful" D. S.

"Neck pain is gone! Motion range of my neck is improved and my knee feels great! The real amazing thing is I didn't realize how tight my shoulders were. All stress is gone now. Thank you!" N. G.

"Absolutely miraculous." P. L. Woodstock, GA

"After short session I was able to move and push my back to positions I could not before. Even lot of stress got out of me. Looking forward for full sessinons."

"Oren Bar is amazing with his techniques. Great muscle relief." D. A.

"The treatment felt great. My back pain was relieved." K.C.

"Wow! magical indeed! I feel much better!" - S. L.