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What patients say about Oren Bar:

"I had several Physical Therapists before I went to Oren, and I had given up hope in getting better for the pain in my fingers. Finally, on a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try Oren, even though I had to drive more than one hour to get to his office. It was worth it! Other PTs had tried applying heat, electrical devices to try to stimulate my nerves in my fingers, and rigid splints to keep my fingers immobile. But they never could identify what was wrong. In contrast, Oren is a truly gifted healer and possesses a vast knowledge of the human body literally at his fingertips. Using a variety of manual techniques, he carefully and methodically tracked the source of my finger pain to the nerves in my neck. Then he treated my neck with different stretching exercises and pressure points. Eventually, the pain left my fingers and I could work on the computer again without hurting. Before going to Oren, several doctors had told me that I would have to quit my computer programming job. Oren saved my career!"

Jerry W., Baton Rouge, LA

"I had lower back pain for over 15 years. I went to several doctors who told me there was nothing wrong with my back. I also went to numerous physical therapists that gave me a set of exercises and told me I am not doing them correctly when I did not improve. Last year, a friend insisted that I go and see Oren. Since I live six hours away, I kept making that an excuse. Last month, my back problem was severe enough to prevent from getting out of bed; that is when I decided to make the trip. After just one session with Oren my back pain was gone by 90%. After the second session, I felt like I have never felt in 15 years. If you have been struggling with pain for so long, you can also understand the toll that chronic pain can take on your emotional and mental health. "Just go see Oren", that is what my friend kept telling me and that is what I would tell anyone who has been struggling with pain and is unable to get relief from the other physical therapist they have seen."

Stephen A., Florida

"Oren Bar has a gift: he is the most innovative, hands-on, and effective physical therapist I have ever encountered. Based in Atlanta, he specializes in chronic pain but excels in all forms of pain relief and rehabilitation. He is professional, caring, and unique in his successful approach to eliminating pain. He has relieved long-term pain in my body as well as the more immediate physical ailments that can come with highly active and more sports oriented activities. We actually need another name for the work Oren does to help people. I've never seen anything like it and would encourage anyone with either nagging or severe pain to contact Oren today. He really is the best. A happy client,"

Donna S., Atlanta, GA

"I suffered debilitating pain as a result of severe arthritis in my hips and back. I was confined to bed for nearly a year, not able to afford the operation necessary to correct my problems. My husband had lost his job and we couldnt afford the medical insurance. As a consequence, I developed fixed flexion deformity in both knees. In time, we were able to afford the insurance and an operation was performed. However, my knee problem persisted. The surgeon advised that I would in all probability be stuck with the deformity, and although I met with two physiotherapists, no solution appeared possible, until I was introduced to Oren Bar. After working with Oren for just over 2.5 months, I am now pain free and my knees have regained almost full movement and function. I no longer need a walker or cane. I cannot recommended Oren highly enough. He truly is a miracle worker and a wonderful human being to boot!"

Eva J., Atlanta, GA

"Oren Bar is an impressive professional who has an extraordinary gift. Meanwhile, he is also one of the most modest people I have met. I've been to countless neurologists, gastroenterologists, general practitioners, and acupuncturists - no one has been able to help my acute shoulder and leg pain like this man. The results were almost immediate and, knock on wood, long-lasting. It is quite obvious his expertise is far and wide, and I strongly would recommend to all and especially those who have tried everything to help their pain."

Anna K., Atlanta, GA

What doctors say about Oren Bar:

"I think Oren Bar is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with over the past 34 years in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. I have worked with many therapists over these years, but none has combined the three major attributes that Oren Bar exhibits.

He is an exceedingly intelligent individual. He studies endlessly and is on the cutting edge of physical therapy in all areas of the musculoskeletal system. He is extremely personable. Oren has the personality to relax and modulate even the most anxious of patients.

Oren's skills are second to none in the physical therapy that he renders. I would choose Oren over all therapists to work on my family or myself."

Norman E. Anseman Jr., M.D., Lafayette, LA

"Oren Bar is one of the most talented PT's one could come in contact with. He's like a modern day Houdini: pain here the first minute and gone forever the next. Where modern medicine fails Oren Bar succeeds with all pain conditions. You owe it to yourself to make an appointment - DON'T WAIT!!!"

Dr. Alexander K. Gebhardt, Roswell, GA


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