? Total Motion Release (TMR) series, Atlanta

Total Motion Release (TMR)

Q: What is Total Motion Release (TMR)?
A: TMR is a system for treating any part of the body for pains, aches and tightness without the help of a therapist.   

Q: What is so special about that?
A: Once you learn the system, you will be the one who knows how to treat you.   

Q: How can I figure out how to fix what is wrong?
A: Whereas most sytems teach you how to do certain exercises, TMR teaches you how to figure out which exercises to do in order to get rid of your issue. TMR teaches you how to fix you.   

Q: Who is Oren Bar?
A: Oren Bar is a physical therapist who specializes in the treatment of chronic pain. He has trained with Tom Dalonzo-Baker, the founder of the Total Motion Release system.   

Q: Where can I find more information about this technique?
A: Please visit the Total Motion Release website for more information.